About Us

In regards with TEAMWORK we have the best
team ready to work the way clients want. Our team is consist of 100% highly
trained agents which can do both inbound and outbound.,

Our Services

Marketing and Sales Support

Providing troubleshooting assistance for customer orders, account statuses and relevant problems. Providing data and guides to help the sales team.

HR Management Support

Handling the daily administrative and HR duties of an organization. Assist HR manager with recruitment, record maintenance and payroll processing.

Back Office & Administration Support

The functions will include settlements, clearances, record maintenance, regulatory compliance, accounting, and IT services.

Health Checks

Request a health check with us and and ensure that you are harnessing the full potential of your ESC investment. We will examine your system, identify any problems/risks and recommend steps to enhance performance, with full review and documentation provided.

Project Management

We evaluate a highly mature project approach which enables our clients to achieve the benefit of our solutions quickly and effectively. This is achieved through a accurate application of proven best practice tools and techniques.

Hardware Maintenance

Our flexible support solutions provide fantastic problem resolution, backed by world-class fix and maintenance services, controlled through accurate incident management procedures.


About Us

ESC Limited is operated all over Europe and Australia located in Poland. We
understand your business concerns, our company CEO and head I. T. are
experts, we engage in telephone and Internet contact, call center operations,
information technologies and management, telecommunications, sales, customer
service and marketing efforts. In regards with TEAMWORK we have the best
team ready to work the way clients want. Our team consists of 100% highly
trained agents which can do both inbound and outbound., 90% of our agents are
experienced agents and most of them have been working in Call Center Business
for more than 2 years. They are experienced both in B2B and B2C accounts,
specialized in pulling out customer information (CREDIT CARD NUMBER,
They are highly trained in customer service accounts (TECHNICAL SUPPORT,
INBOUND UP SELLING). We have a good Human Resource Management
team to evaluate agents that are trained to make sure that we have the best agents
on the floor. Our Trainers were chosen by the HRM because of their experience
and achievement of being the top sellers in the campaigns they worked on in the
past. We don’t stop training after the campaign start we continue monthly so our
agent stays fresh and excited and on top of their game. We do have a turnover
of 20 employees with capacity of expansion ,depending on fields of Operation.


Our Mission and Our Vision

ESC Limited is aiming to be the best in the BPO industry by giving them the best
service and work force. Not just here in Poland but throughout Europe and
Australia. We are willing to be committed and to do our very best for our
international clients (UK, CANADA, AUSTRALIA, SINGAPORE and etc.)

VISION: ESC Limited as a Successful Company and will continue to rise in BPO
industry, READY TO BE YOUR BRIDGE TO SUCCESS! In a very short time our
goal is to have 100+ experienced employees not just Call Center agents but also back
office jobs (DATA ENTRY, ENCODING, ACCOUNTING etc.) and
Transcription. Our Long term goal is staying with the company who believed in us.

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We provide clients with:
Higher quality telephone and web-based customer service and sales operations
Lower base operating costs
Maximum customer value

We deliver through:
Specialized computer telephony technologies
Call center development experience
Human resources management and process expertise
We go above and beyond for our clients; we treat them like they are a part of our

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  • esclimited@gmail.com
  • Al. Jerozolimskie 81 lok. 7.10, 02-001 Warszawa


  • Marketing and Sales Support
  • HR Management Support
  • Back Office & Administration Support
  • Health Checks
  • Project Management
  • Hardware Maintenance

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