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We engage in telephone and Internet contact, information technologies and management, telecommunications, sales, customer service and marketing efforts.

Our Services

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Our Trainers were chosen by the HRM because of their experience and achievement of being the top sellers in the campaigns they worked on in the

Our Services

Marketing and Sales Support

Providing troubleshooting assistance for customer orders, account statuses and relevant problems. Providing data and guides to help the sales team.

HR Management Support

Handling the daily administrative and HR duties of an organization. Assist HR manager with recruitment, record maintenance and payroll processing.

Back Office & Administration Support

The functions will include settlements, clearances, record maintenance, regulatory compliance, accounting, and IT services.

Health Checks

Request a health check with us and and ensure that you are harnessing the full potential of your ESC investment. We will examine your system, identify any problems/risks and recommend steps to enhance performance, with full review and documentation provided.

Project Management

We evaluate a highly mature project approach which enables our clients to achieve the benefit of our solutions quickly and effectively. This is achieved through a accurate application of proven best practice tools and techniques.

Hardware Maintenance

Our flexible support solutions provide fantastic problem resolution, backed by world-class fix and maintenance services, controlled through accurate incident management procedures.

Discovery and Design

Business process automation requires a lot of planning before implementation. This is the first step towards a successful outcome and one in which ESC plays a very significant role. Collecting as-is processes and to-be process requirements, business rules and existing systems integration requirements, ESC can design and map new automated workflow based process solutions.


ESC operates an Expert Support Program with multiple phone line service to ensure full coverage and resource availability.


To ensure a successful implementation in this dynamic market it is important to source the right vendor with the right skills. ESC possesses a strong pedigree in the enterprise software market and we have the ability to offer full consultancy.


ESC offers a wide choice of varied structured training courses for end-users and administrators either in our offices in Warsaw or on your own site. In addition we also offer tailor-made training options. Courses for administrators cover advanced system management.


Well Trained field analysts are experienced to integrate the products from our portfolio with your existing systems. They can help you in all manner of tasks that will ensure you use the products that make up your solution to their maximum efficiency.

Health Check

Our well trained staff can review your existing system and identify any problems and recommend steps that you can take to improve the performance and speed up business processes.


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