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Our flexible support solutions provide fantastic problem resolution, backed by world-class fix and maintenance services, controlled through accurate incident management procedures.​

Hardware Maintenance Benefits

  • Cost Savings. When it comes to maintenance, you often have to perform a cost analysis. The question becomes “Do I want to pay X now to maintain the system, or pay 5X three weeks from now when something crashes?” While it’s true that preventative maintenance does cost time and money, it’s also true that the other option is to have machines or systems unexpectedly break. Furthermore, these breaks always seem to be at the worst possible time.
  • Increased Equipment Efficiency. You’ve already seen increases in safety and the lifetime of your hardware. Have you considered your software, though? By taking our service to make sure your updates, patches and tests, are up to date.  You can ensure that your software is not only kept up-to-date, but also that it is working at maximum efficiency.
  • Improved Safety. Accidents happen in the workplace – mice chewing on cables, a dropped box, a coffee cup too close to an outlet. The list can go on and on. Regular downtime and review of systems by us not only improves performance and the life of hardware, but it can also spot potential safety hazards. Those cords that got damaged? While they might be still working, they’re also a potential spot for electrocution. 
  • Improved Reliability. Keeping up to date also means that things like your firewalls and other security protocols are keeping out potential dangers to your company. These dangers include hackers, viruses and ransomware to name a few. Trusting us means that you are investing in the safety and reliability of your systems and your company – which in the end is a bonus for you.
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